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A few general exercises Empty A few general exercises

Post  mpr9b on Sun Sep 05, 2010 6:13 pm

Hey all, so these are just a few general exercises I use to strengthen my body. I also do some of these to 'get warm' before practice.

Arm swings: Starting standing straight up with slightly flexed knees with arms above head (in similar rounded '0' position to ballet). As you bend into a plie, take your arms down and behind and above your body, arriving in a position resembling a flat back. You can do this achieving flat back, but I prefer to do it and round the spine. Try to keep your knee flex proportional to your arm height, so that your lower point isn't the point when your arms change direction. Once your arms are fully behind (and slightly above) your body, plie and swing them forward to the starting position. It's really hard to describe this fairly simple exercise, but I couldn't find a good video.

Grand plie in first and second with turn out and parallel. There are numerous sources out there that describe how to do this, or you could take some ballet Wink. This exercise helps one find the alignment of the spine, work the knees a little bit, as well as demonstrate some aspects of coordinating foot rise to leg rise. You can play with it and do a pure foot rise as you transfer from demi down.

I'll just list a few other good ones:

Planks and crunches to work on your core and center.
Arm circles to work on arm strength and the back/arm connection.
Any spotting exercise for well, spotting.
Leg swings to develop your hip flexors.
A basic ballet tondu amalgamation - to work on using your whole foot in connection to the floor. Try to incorporate a flexing action if possible, to work on ankle strengthening.

I'm sure there are many many many more, but these are just a few that readily came to mind as I sit here procrastinating on my work.

Happy Dancing


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