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How low can you go Empty How low can you go

Post  mpr9b on Thu Sep 02, 2010 6:29 pm

Every dancer has their own interpretation of the general level of the standard dances. But in general, there is some finite limit to how short you can get.

Start with your feet wide apart (a little wider than shoulder width, but not by much). Keep your feet turned out for the whole exercise (30-50 degrees, based upon your comfort level with turnout). PliƩ as low as you can* while maintaining contact of your entire foot with the floor. Now try to shift weight to your left foot while maintaining a level pelvis. Shift weight to your right foot, and alternate between the two. If you are unable to shift weight between feet with a level pelvis, then you should rise up a few centimeters. I know the lowest I can do this exercise is higher than my lowest pliƩ. Pay attention to a few things. This exercise is designed to force you to use your standing leg to transfer your weight. You should also try to feel your weight shift in your foot. Starting on one side it will start in the ball, pass through the center, into the heel, and exit into the heel of the other foot. A larger turnout can be used to model it as taking a backwards step.

*: One way to find out how low you should go is to jump into the air. Jump high and let your weight sink into your legs (with bent knees of course!). You'll find that you catch yourself at some height level. If you truly let your weight sink into your legs, this will be your 'natural' low point, which is a good place to work with in ballroom and this exercise.


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