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Post  mpr9b on Sat Aug 14, 2010 2:04 pm

Please read this before asking any questions related to posting:

Who is allowed to post?
Anyone is allowed to post questions on anything. Realize that questions dealing with higher level material may take longer to be addressed, and that your coaches opinion on the matter is invaluable.

Who can address posted questions
The purpose of this is to allow anybody to address any questions posted. Be sure that before you take anything as a 'truth' that you:
1: Know who provided the statement. Be sure to read the posters profile
2: Get multiple opinions
3: Consult a professional.
This allows for lower level dancers to have the ability to participate in discussions above their dancing level, allowing them to intellectually grow, as well as providing a place for lower level dancers to get some tricky questions answered by more experienced dancers. It also allows more trained dancers to help out lower level dancers in an effort to:
1: Solidify their basics
2: Improve their teaching capabilities
3: Help the dancing world out through knowledge sharing

What should I do before posting?
I would ask everyone to please update their profile. When receiving information it is always important to know who is telling you what. There is no need for names or any personal information, and be wary of anybody who asks you for it. There is nothing on this forum that should ever require you to share personal information (last name, login information, address).

I don't know where to put my question/discussion topic
If you think there should be additional categories, then message me and I will expand as necessary.

Smooth and Rhythm, where are they?
I plan on including discussion on Smooth and Rhythm in the future, depending on the success of this forum. I personally am an International trained dancer, as are most of the dancers in my 'dance circle'. I thus want to cater to them first, and will expand to other styles when the time is right. Feel free to message me to tell me that you want that so I can monitor the support for such a move accurately.

Hey, I have a question and it's not here!
Feel free to message me something and I will address it as soon as I can.


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